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Wild Week of Wins & Santa Claus Rally

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Nov 6, 2023

Dear traders,

Happy Friday! What a wild week it’s been! Ardi really nailed it this week with some amazing trade ideas. He sold puts on TSLA at $185, which turned out to be fantastic. Ardi also sold puts on IWM at $160 and bought calls at $200. Today, with the 3% rally in IWM, it has already brought in some impressive profits!

If you haven’t been following Ardi’s trades, which are mostly options, make sure to connect with him in X and chat with him in the chatroom! Earlier this week, I sold puts on $TLT (long-duration treasuries) for January 2025 and have already profited a nice $14,000 for basically doing nothing.

Overall, the seasonality in the last few months of the year is very strong. This phenomenon is called the “Santa Claus” Rally and leads to markets drifting higher in the last few months of the year!

According to how seasonality works, it is very likely that stocks will finish the year up closer to 20%.

The market is going crazy! It reminds me of the volatility we saw in March 2020. IWM, the Russell 2000 index, rallied over 3%, while TNA, the 3x Bull Leveraged ETFs, rallied 9%.

TQQQ performed well too, and I had two significant trades on TQQQ: one in a smaller account that made over 10% of the account for $23,000, and one in my main trading account that ended up with a total profit of over $30,000.

We’re trading these live in the chatroom, and I hope everyone is enjoying the commentary we’re providing and can catch some great trades.

I’m almost recovering from my $2 million loss last year. I remember last summer; I was really down because of that loss. But remember, in trading, things go up and down.

We’re in the fall season in the northern hemisphere, and fall is my favorite season. It reminds me of the ups and downs of life, and it makes me reflect more, spend more time at home, sleep more, and focus on self-improvement to be ready for winter and then spring, which symbolizes rejuvenation and growth once again.

If you are thinking about joining our community and trading side by side with me, Paras, Ardi, Brian, and all of our other amazing traders, make sure to take advantage of our Halloween sale as it is the last few days of it.

To your success,