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Zuckerberg’s Biggest Gamble in Metaverse Technology

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Day Trading Success  |  
Oct 27, 2022

Dear Traders,
Zuckerberg is in a bad mood these days. His company is now worth almost the same as it was worth in 2015, trading at around $100 per share. META is down nearly 75% from its highs of $380 per share in the summer of 2021.

Today, META gapped down over 20%. He is spending a crazy amount of cash on metaverse technology, and Wall Street does not like it. I myself had a big day on it! You can watch the recap that Brian and I posted here. Here is a summary of META:

  • ​Earnings Per Share (EPS): $1.64 vs. $1.89 expected
  • ​Revenue: $27.71 billion vs. $27.38 billion expected
  • ​Daily Active Users (DAUs): 1.98 billion vs. 1.98 billion expected
  • ​Monthly Active Users (MAUs)​: 2.96 billion vs. 2.94 billion expected
  • ​Average Revnue Per User (ARPU): $9.41 vs. 9.83 expected

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