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A Massive, Untouched Continent

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Jan 18, 2024

Dear Traders,

Antarctica is a massive, untouched continent that has posed challenges for explorers and captivated the dreams of people over the centuries. It’s a place of beauty and mystery, covered with ice that extends for miles.

The last few days here have been breathtaking.

I went from Union Glacier to the low camp. In the low camp, it’s shady until late morning, so it’s common for people to stay in bed until the sun reaches the tents. After a late breakfast, our guide took us on a trip to a nearby viewpoint. We also went to the lower part of the fixed lines for extra training and to get more familiar with the area. My guides and I even reached Knutzen Peak, which is 11,066 feet (3,373 meters) high, and it took about 5-6 hours for a round trip from Low Camp.

Hiking these mountains is like trading stocks. You have to be patient and know your limits. Only then can you survive the heavy winds and eventually make it to the peak and enjoy amazing views.

On the market side, Wall Street adjusted its expectations for the Federal Reserve’s decisions on interest rates, with stocks closing down, and government bonds and the dollar going up. This happened after comments from Federal Reserve Governor Christopher Waller! While he didn’t strongly suggest an increase in interest rates, his comments made the market reconsider its expectations, with a lower chance of the Fed cutting rates in March.

Today, Lenny, our senior trader at Peak Capital Trading, made a great recap of his AMD trade. In it, he explains his today’s watchlist, $FRO, $MSFT, and $AMD, and why he only traded one of these three stocks. I suggest you watch the recap here and learn from Lenny’s insights on how to be consistently profitable.

Lastly, the winds can become very strong here. I’ve been remembering my expedition to Mount Everest last year a lot. I hope I don’t get major injuries from the cold winds in the mountains this time either and can return in one piece.

To your success,