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Current Location: End of the World!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Jan 16, 2024

Dear Traders,

I’ve finally made it to Antarctica! We boarded around 8 am and left Chile at 9 am. Four hours later, we landed on ice, not another typical runway. Because of this, only one airline and very experienced pilots can fly here. Although I’m not a pilot, I can imagine it would be an amazing route to fly!

Surprisingly, we do have internet at Union Glacier Camp. It’s fascinating how Elon Musk and his Starlink company have changed information accessibility in remote areas! This is the first year with internet access here.

Can you guess what I did first when I connected? I bought 1500 shares of $TNA! I might be the first person to trade from Antarctica.

Tonight, if everything goes as planned and the weather stays nice, I’ll fly to Vinson Base Camp. I’ll be there for 10-12 days with limited or no internet access.

Vinson Base Camp is the starting point for expeditions to the highest peak in Antarctica, Mount Vinson. It’s in the remote Ellsworth Mountains and is an important place to get ready for the tough climb to the 16,050-foot (4,892 meters) summit.

The camp has tents, cooking areas, and communication systems to help us adjust to the challenging Antarctic conditions. It’s like a home base that makes sure climbers are ready for the difficult journey ahead. I’m excited to see the amazing views of the icy wilderness.

Last but not least, our amazing moderators are covering the market open for the next few days. Today, Aiman created a recap of one of his recent trades. Please watch his recap here and ask your questions in the comments section.

Trade safe, and hopefully, I’ll have internet access to keep you posted throughout my trip to Antarctica.

To your success,