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Couldn’t Be Happier for a Cancelled Flight

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Jan 16, 2024

Dear Traders,

Today, I hit the jackpot with my flight cancellation. I was supposed to fly to Antarctica, but due to bad weather conditions, the flight was cancelled. This turned out to be great news for me because I used that time to trade and also went to see the Penguins!

A very interesting fact about penguins that I just learned today is that they have a unique way of proposing to their mates. Male Adélie penguins, in particular, search for the smoothest, most perfect pebble and present it to the female as a gift. If the female accepts the pebble, it’s a symbol of their bond, and they often use it to build their nest together. It’s like their own sweet way of saying, “Will you be my penguin partner?”

On the trading side, I took a bad trade on AMD at the open but quickly flipped my position and went short on it. I closed the day with almost $15,000 profit, trading alongside Bryan in the chatroom. I suggest you watch the recap and see how you can turn a bad trade into a big profit.

Tonight’s webinar is with Jared Tendler, and it’s about analyzing performance beyond PnL. Many traders recognize the importance of prioritizing their daily execution and processes instead of only focusing on daily outcomes. But consistently putting this idea into practice is tough. Can you guess why? It’s because there’s a need for an objective, non-monetary way to assess performance. Learn how to make a simple tool that lets you measure your day-to-day performance accurately, regardless of your daily profit and loss.
Jared’s webinar is at 8 PM EST and is only available to elite members. If you want to learn from this session and 100s hours of valuable content, take advantage of our New Year promotion and join us for 50% off.

To your success,