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#BBTWomen Happy Hour and This Week’s Events

By Andrew Aziz  |  
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Feb 2, 2021

Dear Traders,

First of all, our amazing #BBTWomen held their first happy hour led by Tiffany last week. We have a private exclusive support channel for our amazing ladies that I encourage every female member of our community to join. Simply email [email protected] and she will provide you access. Speaking of amazing traders in the community, please welcome Dimah Marhoon, our newest team member. She has been a member of BBT for the last two years, and recently graduated Peak Capital Trading with great success. She will be joining Peak Capital as a senior trader in addition to providing more assistance to our BBT community. Please feel free to email Dimah at [email protected]. Tiffany and Dimah have kindly agreed to lead our private #BBTWomen channel!

Secondly, I would like to welcome the many new traders who have joined us on a trial basis. Every week we offer an onboarding session with our education leaders, Mike and Carlos. They will walk you through our community’s resources and provide lots of information on what is the best way to start your trading career.

We are also honored to welcome one of our members, Kyle, to the leadership team. Kyle has been a member since 2018 and has contributed so much to the community, not the least of which are his advanced Hotkeys. He has helped members learn to use many of the various tools that are necessary for trading. Kyle can be reached at [email protected]. We are very lucky that he has agreed to run the Monday Technology session which follows our onboarding class. Through this link, you can ask your questions or suggest topics that you would like Kyle to review on Monday nights.

Our Onboarding class is held every Monday, 8pm ET, live in the classroom. Our Advanced Tools webinar is held every Monday, 9pm ET, in the classroom. Both webinars are open to everyone, including Intro and Trial members.

Our Tuesday Strategy webinar this week is being offered by Thor Young. He’ll discuss his notorious pivot lines and volume price analysis. Thor truly is my favorite trader of all time. His charts, entries and exits are so clean, and his patience overflows. I desire to become like him when I grow up! In this webinar, he will be walking us through how he uses pivot points and he’ll explain the market auction theory. Please, do not miss his live webinar. Each webinar is only about 90 minutes or so in length, but the presenters spend many hours, if not days, preparing for them. If you do miss a webinar though, the recordings are always available in the Education Center.

Thor Young: How to Trade using Pivots / Part 1, Market Auction Theory
Tuesday, February 2, 2021, 8pm ET
Webinar room (Elite members only)

This week’s Psychology Wednesday webinar is more focused on strategy than psychology and is being led by our very own trader-psychologist, Dr. Kenneth Reid. He’ll be discussing the “Power of Trend Lines”. Trend lines are the simplest (and most affordable) no-lag indicator. They have a dual function as qualifiers and triggers for trend-following entry setups. Dr. Reid has previously presented on this topic, but in this follow-up webinar he will reveal the trend line tricks he has developed over the years to help define opportunities in the volatile markets such as we are experiencing today. No discussion of trend lines is complete without a corresponding discussion of pullbacks. If you have ever wondered which dip to consider, this webinar is for you.

Dr. Kenneth Reid: Power of Trend Lines
Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 8pm ET
Webinar room (Elite members only)

Last but not least, don’t forget to also attend our Thorsday Mentorship session led by Thor. Each week you’ll learn so much. It’s like discovering gold once every seven days!

A complete list of our weekly webinars can be found on our website:

To your success!

PS: I encourage you to have a look at my newest book written along with my co-author, Ardi Aaziznia: Stock Market Explained. We both would appreciate receiving any feedback you might have about the book. Ardi is a great trader and investor. Our portfolio at Peak Capital Trading is now up over 21% since inception, while SPY’s performance is up only 6%. Among many topics, you will learn about Ardi’s investing strategy in this book.