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Town Hall Q&A with Andy Kershner

Date & Time: Tuesday February 9, 2021 —   8:00 pm  ET  
Presented by:  Andy Kershner

A successful trader since 1995, Andy Kershner is the CEO and Chairman of Kershner Trading Group, a proprietary trading firm focused on technology in order to help keep traders ahead of the game. Thanks to GameStop and Robinhood (and others), democratizing trading has certainly become the trading “buzzword” for the opening weeks of 2021. The message on Kershner Trading Group’s website is thus so very relevant: “This company was built on the idea that every trader should have an equal opportunity to succeed … We believe the best trading environment is one where knowledge and ideas are shared, enabling everyone to have more success. We think of it as democratizing trading …” Please join us as we sit down with Andy Kershner and talk with him about his experiences as a leader in the world of trading.