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Big Profit from Day Trading | Strong USD and Market

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Day Trading Success  |  
Jul 18, 2022

Dear Traders,

I just got back from Spain last night and then reaped 27k day trading TQQQ and NVDA. You can watch the recap that Brian and I posted here.

Spain was great. I flew to Bilbao from London and drove to Parco de Europe where I stayed for a few nights running in the mountains. The heatwave in Spain made it difficult to run longer distances, and I thus had to start early each morning, but overall I was happy with my performance. I think I gained lots of weight instead of losing some because of the incredible wine and food in Spain! Damn! I hope one day you can, like me, travel the world and trade. I sincerely hope so and we at BBT are here to help you.

The market rallied on Friday and again today as I am writing this. It seems that although the inflation number came in hotter than expected, core inflation is going down and, specifically, commodity prices are coming down, lowering the cost of gas and some other materials.

When I was in the EU, I noticed that the USD is now at par with the EUR. That is good for me as my income is in USD and I was spending in EUR. Everywhere, one of the dominant themes in the markets right now is the strength of the US dollar, which has been hitting multi-decade highs against currencies like the euro and the yen. This creates problems for the rest of the world as most global trade is denominated in USD. The flipside of a strong dollar is weaker currencies in other countries. That, combined with the strength of the US consumer after the pandemic and global supply shortages, means the US is actually exporting inflation to the rest of the world.

A stronger dollar tends to cause the rest of the world pain by tightening global financial conditions and hitting global trade (imports into the US get cheaper, yes, but the drag from a stronger dollar on global financial conditions tends to outweigh any benefit other countries get from exports). Secretary Janet Yellen has always been an opponent of a strong USD, but she has no choice now with inflation running out of control. Overall, a strong USD forces most economies into a recession. Europe is in a bad place and most likely will face a rough 2023.

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To your success,

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