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Earnings Season Starts with Market Rallies

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Jul 20, 2022

Dear Traders,

As I am writing this newsletter today, the market has gapped up and rallied on not particularly good economic news. I had a nice trading day, but overall there was some choppiness and I did do some overtrading. You can watch the recap that Brian and I posted here. Earnings season is upon us, and the full earnings calendar can be viewed in our Trading Terminal. Keep an eye out this week for some big names like Tesla and Netflix. Elon Musk is out of shape, and is having fun in Greece. His leaked photos are now subject to a series of memes.

Apple Inc. is the latest major technology company to rein in hiring and spending plans, adding to the evidence that even Silicon Valley stalwarts are worried about a recession in the coming months. This more cautious stance mimics the approach of its tech peers, including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. IBM lowered its forecasts for free cash flow this year due to the impact of a strong dollar and the loss of business in Russia, sending their shares down and overshadowing better-than-expected sales growth. IBM is trading -8% today. As I mentioned yesterday, a strong USD is really not helpful for export surplus countries such as the USA.

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With the Federal Reserve meeting next week, investors and traders are pricing in an interest rate hike of at least 0.75%. The markets are watching to see if the Fed can control inflation and avoid tipping the economy into a recession. JPow et al. are only thinking about inflation for now. They have no interest for the time being in either growth or supporting the financial markets. As I wrote before, we all need to get ready to stay poorer for a little bit longer until inflation cools down. The message is clear from the Fed.

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To your success,

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