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China Can Not Catch a Break!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Aug 29, 2023

Hello traders,

Happy Burn! As many of you know, I am a huge advocate of Burning Man and try to attend every year. I have previously attended with Brian and had an amazing experience.

Many people view Burning Man as a week-long party involving drugs, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, there is some partying, but Burning Man is about self-actualization, personal growth, helping others, and giving back.

I aim to share my journey with all of you over the next week through pictures and fun stories, so be sure to follow along in this week’s newsletters.

This morning, Thor and Brian tackled the market open and executed some excellent trades on $QQQ and $AMD. You can watch their recap here. Since Thor started to use Bookmap with his trading strategy, he’s been able to identify value areas and anticipate stock movements even better. Be sure to watch his recap today.

Last week, Ardi and I had a conversation with Michael Gayed, a portfolio manager and financial market commentator, about his outlook for the second half of the market. Michael is known for his humor, outspoken views, and strong following on social media. Whether you agree with him or not, his commentary always offers valuable insights. Make sure to watch the video here.

On to markets, it looks like China is in full stimulus mode. The Chinese economy is facing challenges, and the government is taking significant measures to stimulate economic activity.

This morning, Chinese stocks rallied in response to the news that government is lifting the 50% tax on stock trading to encourage capital inflows and reignite economic growth. While the rally appeared robust, it faded as the day progressed due to prevailing concerns outweighing optimism. It seems that the prevailing trend in the market is now “fading the rallies.”

We have an exciting week lined up for you all, featuring presentations from Mike and Peter, along with ongoing mentorship opportunities. Be sure to check the schedule and make the most of your Elite Annual membership benefits.
Thank you, and here’s to your success,