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From Burning Man to Stock Market Success

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Aug 28, 2023

Dear Traders,

Today’s newsletter isn’t just about the market – it’s also about a transformative journey that has shaped not only my outlook on life but also my approach to trading. As I prepare to head to Reno, NV for our traders’ meetup and then immerse myself in the unique experience of Burning Man, I wanted to share how this annual pilgrimage to the Nevada desert has profoundly impacted my trading success.

You might already know me as the bestselling author of multiple trading books, a Forbes council member, and the entrepreneur behind Peak Capital Trading, Trading Terminal, and Bear Bull Traders. My books have reached over 500,000 copies sold, spanning 14 languages, including Hindi. But beyond these achievements, my journey to becoming a successful trader has been significantly influenced by my experiences at Burning Man.

Brian and I at Burning Man – 2019

Today, not only I am a successful trader but also a passionate advocate of Burning Man’s 10 Principles. These principles, including Gifting, Radical Self-Expression, and Radical Self-Reliance, have become my guiding lights, shaping both my personal and trading journey.

Imagine a world where giving is selfless, and kindness knows no bounds. Burning Man’s Gifting principle taught me the power of sharing without expecting anything in return. This philosophy resonates in my commitment to providing educational content and fostering connections within the trading community through my platforms.

Radical Self-Expression
Amid societal pressures to conform, Radical Self-Expression at Burning Man encourages authenticity. This principle propelled me to break free from self-imposed trading limitations, fostering the confidence to lead and innovate within the trading world.

Radical Self-Reliance
In the midst of the Nevada desert or during my Everest climb, self-reliance proved essential. Burning Man underscored my capacity for growth and resilience. This mindset has translated into my trading, where perseverance and self-confidence are vital.

As I journeyed through the challenges of Everest, relying on training and instinct, I was reminded of the same principles that make Burning Man transformative. While facing Everest’s trials, the climb was about more than just reaching the summit; it was a voyage of self-discovery and growth.

On the market side, today’s market was as volatile as ever. The Nasdaq index swung a remarkable 2% up and down in just 10 minutes. Though I faced a loss on AMD in the morning, I swiftly recovered with a substantial gain on TQQQ, thanks to Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s speech in Wyoming.

Powell addressed central bank policy at the International Economic Symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, indicating a cautious approach to rate increases. Despite rumors of altering the 2% inflation target, Powell affirmed its permanence. As mortgage rates hit a 22-year high, Powell’s message underscores the potential for further hikes.

Amid this volatility, TQQQ displayed a 3% fluctuation, offering trading opportunities aplenty. If you missed the action in the chatroom, catch up with my recap.

The stock market, after its strong performance in July, encountered turbulence in August. As we gaze ahead, investors are seeking the leaders of tomorrow. In 2023, the top 5 S&P 500 stocks have added over $3 trillion to their market capitalizations, comprising around 24% of the index.

Aiman, one of our community members, demonstrated remarkable trades on RIVN. His mastery of reading multiple time frame charts is a testament to his skill. His 10-hour Trading Terminal course has empowered countless traders within our community.

If you’re eager to learn his strategies, check out his course and use code SPECIAL40 at the checkout, for a 40% discount.
In the spirit of Burning Man’s transformative principles, I invite you to embark on your trading journey with intention and authenticity. Remember, life is an adventure, and every step we take shapes our path in unimaginable ways.

See you in September after my time at Burning Man, and if you’re joining the burners, find me at our camp, “Discotique” (10 and F).

Stay tuned and successful,