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Confession: I am Taking Ozempic and Unveiling Its Power!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Aug 9, 2023

Dear Traders,

I hope everyone is having a fantastic trading day. It’s incredible how the market remains volatile.

Ardi made a 100% gain on the Novo Nordisk (NOV) earnings play with a naked put. Novo Nordisk, an exceptional company based in Copenhagen, is poised to revolutionize humanity in numerous ways. I don’t have a position on it yet, but I’m seriously considering investing in it. Their two groundbreaking drugs, Ozempic and Wegovy, are aiding weight loss and control. These drugs have propelled Novo Nordisk’s market value to over $400 billion.

Personally, I’m taking Ozempic now for weight management, and it’s unbelievable how this drug curbs appetite, reduces interest in drinking alcohol while enhancing performance. This single drug has the potential to address issues that cause millions of deaths every year like heart attacks, obesity, high blood cholesterol, and sugar for many people. The minimal side effects I am seeing now are encouraging, and I’m eagerly awaiting its broader impact on overall human health.

For now, I’ll keep on taking Ozempic!

The Novo Nordisk A/S headquarters in the Bagsvaerd suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Turning to trading, tomorrow is the CPI number or inflation report, which, depending on its outcome, could significantly influence the market. A soft inflation figure could weaken the USD and drive the market upwards. Conversely, strong inflation might strengthen the USD and weigh on the market. If inflation isn’t coming down, the US Federal Reserve may need to hike rates even higher, resulting in USD strengthening against other currencies. Essentially, the US, with its robust dollar, is exporting inflation worldwide. As a major global producer, the strong dollar is causing elevated prices internationally, particularly for countries heavily reliant on US imports.

In terms of trading, we witnessed substantial drops in major players like Roblox, XPEV, RIVIAN, and Tesla. It appears that money is pivoting away from the EV sector and semiconductor industries, two sectors that were hot over the past couple of months, and flowing towards utilities. Nonetheless, my trading experience was exceptional.

Check out my recap video where I delve into the significance of position sizing.

Thor delivered an excellent webinar last night on his Volume Price Analysis, how he employs Bookmap, and various other indicators for successful stock and microfutures trading. If you missed his webinar, be sure to catch it here in our Education Center.

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Drawing from cutting-edge performance psychology and the mental training techniques of pro athletes, Créde will explore the parallels between professional sports and trading. She will also provide practical tips to empower you with a mental edge in your trading journey.

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To your health and success,