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Unveiling Market Insights & TQQQ Trading Secrets!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Aug 11, 2023

Dear Traders,

Happy Inflation Report Day!

All eyes were on today’s CPI report number. The expected story was that the Core CPI would remain cool, and it did, holding steady at 3% YoY. The market responded favorably to the news, gapping up strongly.

While signs of cooling or disinflation persist (used cars, rent, etc.), the recent halt in the decline of energy prices adds to the conversation. Oil futures are presently at their highest level since Nov. 16, 2022 (a significant market bottom!). Related energy indicators like gasoline and diesel have also risen considerably since summer, contributing to the slowdown in disinflationary trends we’ve been observing.

Regarding the Fed’s stance, the focus has been on core inflation measures or even specific segments of core, such as “services inflation, excluding shelter.” However, should energy costs continue to surge, there’s no reason the Fed couldn’t shift attention back to headline inflation and adopt a more assertive approach. The market experienced an afternoon sell-off but offered numerous trading opportunities.

In today’s recap, I discussed how using TQQQ instead of QQQ and leveraging products can be potent tools for profit. Be sure to watch my recap for this insightful and engaging discussion.

Last night, Crede delivered an exceptional webinar that’s now available in the Education Center. Tonight, Thor is hosting his Mentorship session at 8 pm, and we’re excited about tomorrow’s PPI numbers, which could once again spur volatility.

I’m headed to San Francisco for the weekend, trading from there on Friday. If you’re in the SF area, I’m considering a breakfast coffee meetup near Pacific Heights. RSVP here to join a small gathering of traders (venue TBD).

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See you in the chatroom,