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Elon Musk Misery is Our Fortune!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Apr 20, 2023

Dear Traders,

Elon Musk is having a bad day. At his favorite number, 4/20, his Tesla stock is down 10%, his net worth is shrinking, and his SpaceX Starship exploded a few seconds after launch. Just about a year ago, he was Time’s Person of the Year, but now he is stuck with his Twitter acquisition, paying $3m in interest a day on the worst deal of the century, his net worth is shrinking daily, and he is losing credibility in the eyes of the public. He was “booed” during his recent San Francisco speech and most people in California hate him. If you think you are having a bad day, think again. That is life I guess. You should never take yourself too high, as you will come down faster than you go up. Stay humble is the lesson I am learning from Elon Musk’s life these days.

Last night’s Tesla’s earnings were bad, and it was obvious that there are some serious concerns about the company’s health. I traded the earnings release live, recorded it, and then posted my recap. You can watch my recap with live trading here.

This morning, Tesla provided some amazing trading opportunities. Paras went long at the Open, and Brian shorted Tesla this morning by selling calls of $170. I both shorted $170 calls and went short with shares for a whopping profit. Ardi traded a Bear Spread, shorted $170 calls, and bought $175 calls. He made a decent profit too. Essentially, Elon Musk’s misery turned out to be a fortune for all of us in the chatroom. You can watch my recap for today here.

Today is my last day in Vancouver. At 4pm ET, we are having a farewell with a drink in hand to say goodbye. I would appreciate it if you could join us and take a shot with me! Afterward, I am heading to Humbled Trader’s studio to do a podcast with the legend Shay herself. She lives in Vancouver. 

This week was full of content for our Elite members. I made a presentation on the Opening Range Breakout Strategy on Tuesday. Last night, Mike led an excellent webinar on trading psychology which was attended by many people. Tonight, starting at 8pm ET, Thor will be conducting his regular mentorship session, and John just finished up his mentorship session for Elite members that begins every Thursday morning at 11am ET. If you have not yet joined us as an Elite member, we would love to have you with us.

Ardi, Mike, and Megan will be at the Vegas MoneyShow next week. Ardi is making two presentations, and we will be hosting a small Meetup with our traders. The MoneyShow’s events are incredible, with many gifted traders and investors present. If you can, please come and have a chat with them (and us!). It is a great event for learning and networking and getting to know what the industry is all about. I met John Carter for the first time at his live presentation in 2019 in NYC and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you can attend next week’s event and network with fellow traders. It is worth it, plus it is Vegas, baby!

Last but not least, I just finished my gym session with my personal trainer Nick. It has been 6 years now that I have been working with him twice a week. It has kept me in shape both in terms of my upper body muscles and my diet. I often joke, “Hey Nick, your exercises and sets are always the same. I don’t know why I am paying you $100 per week. I can do it at home or in any gym!” But deep inside I know why I go to him. It is for the accountability!

Working out with him is my way to be accountable in terms of staying fit and doing what I hate the most. And that is weight training! I need weight training to keep my body in shape and to build muscles. I pay Nick not for his expertise, but for him to push me to do what I need to do. This is similar to Peak Capital Trading’s bootcamp. I know that being disciplined, building a TradeBook, and growing in trading is hard. Everybody wants it, but most people are not capable of doing it. In Peak Capital Trading’s bootcamp, just like Nick my trainer does, we push you to excellence and make you accountable. For God’s sake, for the money you are paying, you also must be committed to pushing yourself!

We have only 5 spots left for this round of bootcamp, and this will be the best of all bootcamps because of the addition of Paras, the changes we have made to the curriculum, and what we have learned from the shortcomings in the last 8 bootcamps. I hope you will join us and take your trading to the next level. The full schedule and curriculum for our 9th bootcamp can be found here.

I have traveled the world the way I wanted to, at the times I desired to, and I have got most of what I wanted to out of life. Trading has allowed me to do this, and I sincerely hope and wish you can get to the place I am at now. Let’s help each other so that we can all get out together. See you in bootcamp!

To your success,

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