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It´s Good to Be Back!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
May 25, 2023

Hello Traders,

It was amazing to see you all in the chat today! It was my first day back after approximately 30 days of absence climbing Mount Everest. Unfortunately, despite being in an expensive hotel, my internet was too unreliable for me to broadcast my trades, but I was able to finally catch a nice reversal on KSS. I want to extend my gratitude to our team, and especially Brian, Paras, and Thor, for covering the mornings with their incredible trades.

Yesterday, Megan presented an exceptional webinar on how to use options to grow small accounts. She has been able to increase her account fourfold by using her options strategies. Her return this year is 450% vs. S&P’s 8%! Congrats, Megan! The feedback you received was very gratifying as well. If you are an Elite member, make sure to check out the recording here. If you are not yet an Elite member, but are considering joining us, make sure to check out our plans here.

Markets are now down two days in a row. Some of it is due to debt ceiling nervousness and some of it could be attributed to the fact that higher rates and high inflation are not really allowing the Fed to make an emergency rate cut in case of a default. We actually have no choice but to increase the debt ceiling and make sure that it is raised prior to the X-date

Lastly, we are revamping and improving our Dashboard and Members’ Area in order to make them much, much easier for you to navigate through them. Please keep in mind that you might experience a few minutes of interruption as we launch the new Dashboard and Members’ Area. 

I’m looking forward to a better trading day tomorrow. 

To your success,

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