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Back in the Saddle! Yes, I Summited Mount Everest!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
May 25, 2023

Hello Traders,

I hope you are doing well. Wow! It feels surreal to be able to sit behind my laptop and write to you all again! Especially after the last few days that I have had! 

Yes, as you know, I summited Mount Everest! It was truly a life-changing moment for me. I battled (and overcame!) a psychological struggle to push myself higher and reach the top, there was a constant lack of oxygen to deal with, and at the same time I was also pushing my body and its capabilities beyond anything I had ever thought imaginable. 

I cannot wait to share with you my experiences and tell you my story of perseverance and commitment. There are also some stories that I cannot share right now. They must remain inside of me for at least a season. But without a doubt, this was an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life and shape who I am moving forward.

I tried to trade this morning after a month away, but issues with my laptop did not allow me to. I am excited to get trading again and to catch up with the market. I know Thor and Brian had some amazing trades this morning and I know the rest of the team is working hard to give you the opportunities you need to take advantage of this market. You can watch their recap here.

Market seems to be strong, the US consumer and job market remains resilient! We even have a new artificial intelligence mini-bubble forming. Bank of America’s research team is comparing this bubble (as measured by the performance of NVDA and MSFT) with other bubbles, and as you can see below, we are in the early stages of this mini-bubble! I suppose the rates are not high enough for the market to cool down.

We have a packed week with Megan and Dr. Rande Howell presenting webinars on strategy and psychology. Make sure to check out this week’s lineup here

If you would like to join the webinars, please take advantage of our current 60% off an Elite Annual membership promotion. If you are serious about trading and want to consistently be profitable, you need to be committed.

All the BBT mentors, including myself, had to work our way through a learning curve and tackle many challenges before becoming profitable in our trading. But we all had mentors who helped us come out successfully on the other side. Brian mentored me while I was working at my full-time job, Megan was a chef while she was learning to trade, and Ardi was studying for his CFA while working full time. The common feature here is that we all focused on the process and had a mentor. 

The process worked exactly the same for summiting Mount Everest! I had Dr. Nima Sherpa and Lakpa Nur Sherpa, my sherpas, who showed me the way, supported me when I wanted to give up, and didn’t let my fear of dying overwhelm me when I wanted to turn around ONLY 10 minutes away from the summit. I hope you will also take your chances, join the BBT community, and pursue your trading and investment dreams. 

It’s really good to be back! Thank you all! I hope to be trading next to you soon!

To your success,

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