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Upcoming Psychology Webinar

Learn to Love Uncertainty

Date & Time: Wednesday June 7, 2023 —   8:00 pm  ET  
Presented by:  Dr. Kenneth Reid

Statistics vary, but around 90% of active traders come up against major obstacles after a few years. We get stuck in the mud and can’t make progress. It’s like a bad dream… we know so much… but somehow, it’s not enough. We work our butts off… but we’re barely moving. That’s when hope turns into doubt and self-criticism. Trading seems so easy in hindsight that we judge ourselves harshly for coming up short. Meanwhile, the intrinsic uncertainty of the market becomes toxic to us. We start to hate it and try to find ways around it. Uncertainty, however, is the dragon that guards the gold. It tells us exactly where the gold is. We need to respect it, use it… not oppose it or game it.