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A Letter From a Member

By Andrew Aziz  |  
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Oct 8, 2021

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for your regular emails. I read them all, and always garnish tid bits of wisdom and/or encouragement.

We met at Thor’s 40th birthday bash. I was very impressed that when we met, you remembered me from previous emails I had sent you months before the July NYC meet up. It meant a lot to me that you remembered me. Trading can be a lonely endeavor. I struggle to trade and participate in the chat room (I can listen to the moderators, but typing and trading is not my strong point at the moment), so your recognition of my name and my length of membership really meant so much to me. Thank you.

Also, I asked you a question in your mentorship the other week – you gave me a direct answer that I have applied multiple times over the weeks. Your answer has ultimately led me to a realized solid profit on quite a few occasions. Thank you, Thank you. I truly can not thank you enough for all you do for the community, for setting up bear bull traders and helping the new traders. I have learned so much from you, your books, and from everyone in the bear bulls community. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday. Safe travels and have fun.

[Have a shandy in a UK pub for me. My mum’s a British subject – have spent many a summer holiday in the UK.]

Erica Brennan