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Market Selling Off: Is Pandemic Bubble Bursting?

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Oct 4, 2021

Dear Traders,

I am writing Friday’s newsletter from Barcelona, Spain where I am participating in the ultramarathon Salomon Ultra Pirineu 2021. I did manage to trade on Thursday with an excellent Opening Range Breakout on AMD. Please watch my recap here. Barcelona is a very beautiful place with amazing food and culture. I’ve done a few runs and I’ve been exploring the city on running shoes!

Pictured above is me running in Barcelona. Please follow my Instagram to see pictures and some updates here. Next week, I will be in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal and then I am heading north to London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland. I hope I can arrange some meetups in Portugal and the UK. I will keep you posted! I anticipate being able to trade all next week.

The weak market continues and all indexes closed in the negative. In fact, as the 3rd quarter came to a close yesterday, the markets posted their worst quarter in the past 12 months. As is typical, the month of September ended poorly, showing us yet again it’s one of the worst months for the markets. Is the pandemic bubble bursting? The good news is that nobody knows, and the bad news is that nobody can see a bubble. And that is what makes it, well, to be honest, a bubble! We look forward to seeing how the market’s behavior is impacted by both rising interest rates and rising inflation.

To your success,