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Person of the Year Is Falling Down!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Jan 4, 2023

Dear Traders,

Happy New Year! I am back from my climbing in Argentina. On December 30, 2022, at 2pm local time, I stood on top of Mt. Aconcagua at around 7,000m (23,000 ft), the highest point in the Western Hemisphere, and in fact the highest point outside of the Himalayas range (Nepal, India, China, Pakistan). We were the last group who could summit in 2022 because of the weather. Since no one climbs above 7,000m in the Himalayas in the winter, I was most likely the highest person on Earth! So, no matter how often Elon Musk smokes weed, I still was higher than him!

I raised our flag at the summit and was thinking about all of you. Thank you for all the messages and kind words while I was up there!

This is me with the BBT flag on the summit of Aconcagua

Speaking of Elon Musk, he tweeted yesterday that 12 months ago, he was the Person of the Year. He probably wanted to mention how much of a difference a year can make. The richest person in the world is now stuck with the worst deal in our lifetime, and is also stuck running Twitter, a social media company that he is finding very, very complicated to operate. His Tesla company alone was down almost 60% in December, and most likely will go even lower. He is in deep financial trouble, and whatever wealth he had is evaporating fast.

I am happy to be back from holidays. This morning, I traded Tesla for a very nice 5-minute Opening Range Breakout. It was an amazing and very profitable day for me.

Peak Capital Trading Bootcamp: Last Remaining Spots

If you’d like to kickstart your trading in 2023, our Peak Capital Trading Bootcamp is just a week away. We’ve made some significant changes to the program this year to deliver the greatest support possible to our participants. Based on feedback we received and data from previous sessions, we’ve done the following:

Smaller Group Sizes:

We are cutting off registration at 30 participants. This is MUCH smaller than previous Bootcamps that we’ve run and we’re doing this because we are looking to spend more individual time with each person. This individualized attention will be the focus of all aspects of the program, ranging from mentorship and teaching strategies to building with each trader both a TradeBook and a post-Bootcamp trading plan.

Live Trading in a Video conference Environment

We will be hosting Live Trading Mentor Sessions a minimum of two times per week. These won’t be in a chatroom type of environment, but over Google Meet, where the mentors will share their screens and discuss what they are watching, their trading plan, and how the actual trade itself is executed. In turn, participants will be able to talk through their trades with their mentor and other participants and if they wish, they will be able to even share their screens/trade with the group. Our mods have had great success helping others in this environment and we are very excited to bring it to Peak Capital Trading.

Post-Bootcamp Sucesss Plan

Near the completion of the Bootcamp, we will be working with each person to help them finalize their TradeBook and build an individual roadmap that will guide their trading after completing the program and beyond. We’ll also discuss with each person any psychological hurdles they may encounter. We’ve found that a participant’s experience in our Bootcamp is usually just the beginning of their pivot to successful trading. Often, we receive feedback in the first few months post-Bootcamp that the Bootcamper found success after the completion of the program by taking the time to focus on what they learned in the course of the training. This was recently shared by a participant in the spring 2022 Bootcamp:

If you’re interested in joining us for an immersive experience that will help you get the most out of your trading potential, we would love to work with you in our first session of 2023. I encourage everyone to have a look at some testimonials from previous Bootcampers here.

To your success,

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