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Start of The Next Bull Market?

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Advanced Lessons  |  
Jan 6, 2023

Dear Traders,

The first week of 2023 turned out to be very strong and volatile, with a ton of trading opportunities. Today, Brian and I made some amazing trades on TQQQ and TSLA, and it in fact ended up being one of the biggest days of my last few months. You can watch our recap here.

The market is bouncing back heavily because of some macroeconomic data reports released today. First, the job market came in strong, but wage growth decreased. This is exactly what the Federal Reserve wants: a slower pace of wage growth which helps with price stability. Second, ISM, the manufacturing index, came in at 10am, and showed a significant drop in manufacturing. This is also good news as it demonstrates that the economy has cooled down significantly, and that translates into potentially slower interest rate hikes and more price stability.

If we see price stability soon (which I think we will), without tipping the economy into a recession or depression, Jerome Powell and his colleagues will probably go down in history as the best bankers in many, many years. They will have managed to sufficiently cool down the economy to achieve price stability, while also maintaining strong job and employment numbers. We shall see!

One community note to make is that in order to improve the quality of our Education Center and only maintain high-quality videos for our members, we have streamlined the Education Center by archiving some of the old videos and webinars. If any content is archived, we have ensured that a new and improved presentation of the topic has been placed in the Education Center. We plan to redo all the videos and webinars in the Education Center over the next 6 months so as to create a better experience for our existing users as well as the new members who will be joining us. We also implemented a slight price increase, but this does not impact our current members and their payments. You are grandfathered, so to speak!

Happy first weekend of 2023! I hope everyone can enjoy some time off with friends and family, while also looking forward to a big week next week!

To your success,

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