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Onboarding & Technolgy

DAS Trader Pro Setup

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Onboarding Room (Intro, Basic & Elite Members)
Brendon Dileo
Every Monday — 12:00 pm

DAS Trader Pro Setup and Basics for New Traders

Join Brendon, where he will guide you through the installation, setup, and essential features of DAS Trader Pro. Whether you're a new trader or looking to refresh your skills, this hands-on session will provide the foundational knowledge you need to navigate the platform confidently. Bring your questions and get ready to enhance your trading experience with guidance and practical tips.

New Members Onboarding & Technology

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Onboarding Room (Intro, Basic & Elite Members)
Carlos Moreta
Every Monday — 8:00 pm

New Members Onboarding

Presented by our experienced mentor, Carlos Moreta, every Monday at 8 pm ET. We walk you through the tools needed to start your trading career and introduce you to both our philosophy of education and our suggested path to success, with the end goal being that you will be able to build your own winning TradeBook for the stock market. All members, and in particular our new members, are most welcome - and very much encouraged - to join us on Monday nights.

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