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  • 3 months DAS simulator
DAS Instructions

To activate your 3 month DAS simulator after purchase, please email the following information to [email protected]

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Designed to run on Windows; Mac customization here. Cannot be linked to any broker. Subscriptions cannot be customized and are offered as-is. No market data can be added or removed. Once activated cannot be canceled, refunded, paused, or postponed. You must be a Bear Bull Traders member to access this offer.

Funded Trading Account Rules
  • No overnight holds. All positions must be closed prior to end of the day at 3:59 pm ET.
  • No Hard To Borrow (HTB) stocks are allowed. Only available short inventory from Interactive Brokers.
  • Options trading only in the TRTEST account.
  • Commissions fees of $5 per 1000 shares. ($0.005 per share)
  • Trader must trade a minimum of 36 days during the 3-month simulation.
  • If profit target is reached prior to end of Trading Period, trader must continue to actively trade.
  • Trader must average a minimum of 2 round trip trades per day (over rolling 10-day period).
  • No single trade may account for more than 30% of profit target.
  • BBT may introduce additional rules or modify current trading rules.