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Strategy 1 : Rising Devil

Strategy 2: Opening Range Breakout

Strategy 3: Parabolic Reversal

Strategy 4: High of Day Breakout

Strategy 5: Mountain Pass Strategy

Strategy 6: Lightning Bolt Strategy

Strategy 7: TradeBook: 1-Min Opening Range Breakout – Andrew

Strategy 8: 9/20 Trade

Strategy 9: ABCD Strategy

Strategy 10: 1 to 10 Strategy

Strategy 11: Higher Time Frames

Strategy 12: 5-Minute Opening Range Breakout

Strategy 13: Failed High of Day Breakouts

Strategy 14: Engulfing Crack Strategy


Strategy 15: Booty Reversal Strategy


Strategy 16: R3 to S3 Traverse Strategy

Strategy 17: Opening Range Break Setup

Strategy 18: Continuation Setup

Strategy 19: 5-Minute Opening Range Breakout

Class 2: Chatroom & Trade Ideas Overview (Basic & Elite Members)

Class 3: Weekly Webinar Overview (Elite Members)

Class 4: Introduction to Trading Psychology

Class 5: Onboarding with Megan & Mike

Class 1: Basic System Setup for Trading

Class 2: Setting up DAS Trader Pro

Class 3: The 7 Fundamentals of Trading

Class 4: How to Build a Day Trading Watchlist

Class 5: How to Find Support and Resistance Levels

Class 6: How to Enter an Order and Manage a Trade

Class 7: Andrew’s Day Trading Strategies and Examples

Class 8: How to Apply Proper Risk Management

Class 9: The final Pieces of Trading: Psychology & a TradeBook

Class 10: Andrew’s Successful TradeBook Strategy

Module 1: Your First Three Months as a Trader

Module 2: Understanding and Reading Level 2

Module 3: How to Read the Tape

Module 4: How to Utilize VPA and Camarilla Pivots

Module 5: How to Trade Reversals

Module 6: How to Trade the Open

Module 7: How to Trade ABCD Patterns

Module 8: How to Trade the Trend

Module 9: How to Trade Different Types of Breakouts

Module 10: Mastering Risk Management

Module 11: Mastering Trade Management