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Small Things That Could Forever Change the Path of Your Life

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Day Trading Success  |  
Sep 11, 2020

Today is September 11 – Patriot Day.

We at Bear Bull Traders honor the lives of those thousands of people who were so senselessly killed in New York City and elsewhere. In many respects it does not seem like it has been 19 years. They’ve gone by very quickly. If you are reading this email and are struggling today, know that you are not alone. There are people who care.

A few days ago, a convicted felon emailed me from the Federal Correctional Institution Loretto (Pennsylvania) and asked for a copy of my Advanced Techniques in Day Trading book. He has been reading about trading while in prison, but he did not have access to a big library. When I replied to him, he said to me:

“Thank you for writing back.

Quite simply, would you please consider sending me a copy of your book Advanced Techniques in Day Trading? I just don’t (at this time) have the means to get it myself, and do not have anyone outside who can do so either. After 11 years one tends to lose contact with people, and I still have another 10 to do and so am trying to learn as much as humanly possible for that day when I release.

Most people severely underestimate the possibility that a book could forever change the path of their lives.

Thank you.”

I did ship him a copy of my book, and I hope he enjoys reading it. I am looking forward to chatting with him when he is out. Something that really stuck with me in his email was the sentence:

Most people severely underestimate the possibility that a book could forever change the path of their lives.

I may not be wrong if I say that he most likely enjoyed reading my first book, and decided to read the second one, and he is wanting to make a very major change in his life after release. I am so humbled and excited to see that a book, and my own career path, can motivate people to move forward. I am well aware that trading is a high-performing field and many people may not want to pursue it after some trials. But what you learn about yourself and how that learning can affect you, can be more valuable than the trading profits themselves.

Self-discipline, resilience, mental fitness and being process-oriented (among many other characteristics) are necessary traits in order to be a successful trader. I know from experience and from what people have shared with me over the years that developing all of these characteristics as you learn how to trade will trickle down into all of the other aspects of your life, even if in the end you don’t make it as a trader or you decide to move on to another profession that is better suited for you.

A few weeks ago, another trader emailed me and advised that his journey of learning how to trade has made him a better and healthier person even though he is still in a simulator and has not started live trading yet. He is more disciplined, sleeps better, does not drink as often, and is not wasting as much of his time on watching TV shows as he used to.

Let’s also read his email:


I’m glad I took your hint during the 2 week trial period and joined BBT! The way I see it, even if I don’t end up being a day trader, that money will be worth it in so many ways.

I’m much older than you – I’ll turn 52 this year. Here are some ways in which I have already benefited from joining BBT & taking your advice. After reading your book, the one thing that really struck me was about discipline. You said that if you want to see how disciplined you are, give up a “bad” habit and see if you can do it. I decided to take that challenge and here are the results from the past 1 month:

  1. I used to sleep late and get up late, never slept before 11pm and never got up before 7am, after the covid, would get up at 8am.

Now I go to bed by 10-10:30, get up at 5:30am, on all weekdays without fail. The last time I used to get up at 5:30am was when I was in my 12th grade in India studying for my exams. 

  1. I like my single malt, earlier it used to be only on weekends, then slowly since the WFH [working from home] I was drinking almost daily, despite a lot of howling from my spouse!

Now I do not drink any more on the weekdays & restrict it only on weekends but that too trying to cut down. I won’t give it up – I enjoy it too much!  

  1. I would waste my time watching movies, sometimes even during the day.

No more movies or TV, if I have spare time I watch BBT videos or try to learn other stuff

So just wanted to let you know to keep doing what you’re doing. People are getting impacted – in good ways – even if they do not finally become full time day traders. Take care & stay safe!”

Keep moving, physically and mentally.

Stay safe and healthy BBT!

To your success,