Today’s Success Webinar with Aiman – Special Time

Electric vehicle mania is well under way! Silicon Valley-based $TSLA and Shanghai-based $NIO are moving higher and higher and providing us amazing opportunities for trades. Even after its stock split, Tesla is going higher, although the market is in the middle of a pandemic and the economy is slow. Nevertheless, Tesla is still making all-time highs. Day trading celebrity, Dave Portnoy, has suggested that Elon Musk should keep splitting his company’s stock in perpetuity. He tweeted on Monday:

I think @elonmusk should split $tsla again tomorrow and the day after and the day after. And after. Infinity splits.

That wouldn’t be bad for us day traders!

It’s a strange world we are living in. I found this comparison of Tesla stock and a Venezuelan stock index (a country that is experiencing one of the worst periods of hyperinflation in the world right now) quite interesting:

Does all of this mean that we will soon see a big correction? Not really, the market can stay irrational longer than any of us can stay liquid. The only thing a trader should do is look at the price and read the market’s signals. Our personal opinion about what the market should or should not be doing does not really matter. We are in a market where Robinhood traders are making more money than professional traders, and value investors are scratching their heads. Regardless of what’s happening out there, do ensure that you are always on the right side of your trades, and do not argue with the market.

With that said, some members have been asking: How do you trade a reversal in these markets?

This week, our very own Aiman will answer the question for us in his Success Webinar. His Webinar’s titled:

Webinar: How To Trade Extreme Reversals
When: Wednesday, September 2nd, 5pm ET
Where: Webinar room (lifetime members only)

In this Success Webinar, Aiman will provide an in-depth and detailed analysis of Extreme Reversals, including catching the first moment of weakness in a stock’s price action and how to make money on the pullback. But how can you catch an even bigger move? When should you hold on for a bigger reversal? And lastly, when is it best to exit early? You don’t want to miss this extreme discussion on Extreme Reversals!

Aiman is perhaps the most amazing friend of mine that I have never met in person. (Yet!) His name is Arabic, he is a citizen of Kazakhstan (a country of about 18 million people located in Central Asia), he lives and studies in Russia, and he trades the US market. His unusual “geographical” combination resembles in so many ways our current economic situation. I have never met Aiman, but I am very much looking forward to meeting him in person after all of the COVID-19 travel restrictions end. As someone who loves traveling, I can hardly wait! I’m ready for an effective vaccine, whether it be Vladimir Putin’s Sputnik V vaccine or Moderna’s vaccine ($MRNA) or Pfizer’s vaccine ($PFE) or any of the other ones under development.

Please note that this Webinar is at 5pm ET today (September 2), and not the usual 8pm ET. Aiman is a medical student in Russia, and his time zone is completely different from almost all of us. So, please, let’s accommodate his time zone by showing up a little bit early for what I know will be a very interesting and useful Success Webinar.

To your success,

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