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Tesla and the Inflation Report!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Jan 13, 2023

Dear Traders,

Happy inflation report day! Today, the inflation report came in and surprised really nobody. One argument was that the data was actually leaked beforehand. The Labor Department, which compiles and issues the data, dismissed the possibility of a leak. The market traded in a volatile fashion, with the Nasdaq moving as high as 2% intraday, with some excellent volatility at the Open and pre-market. I think the overall state of the economy is now clearer for everyone. Inflation is slowly cooling down, but not as fast as everyone was expecting. Therefore, we have to brace for a prolonged period of high interest rates. Trading Terminal’s Advancing/Declining and New High/New Low indicators are showing overall strength in the market but the put/call ratio remains in “Neutral”.

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Today, we had some amazing trading with Paras and Thor. I missed the Open, but did a very nice bounce live in the chatroom on Tesla. You can watch the recap that Paras and I posted here. Brian is in Mexico for a week and will likely miss most of the next week of trading.

I also did an interview with one of the newest and best brokers for day trading, Mondeum Capital. You can watch the video here, and make sure to check out their offer. They have one of the lowest commissions in the US that I have seen (beyond the free-commission brokerages). Mondeum is licensed and regulated in the US, and I highly recommend that traders check out their services.

Tonight, for Thursday Mentorship, Thor is up at 8pm ET. I encourage everyone to join Thor for his Thursday mentoring sessions as he dives deep into the questions posed by the community and provides detailed answers and examples. It’s definitely well worth your time.

To your success

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